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Audits & Evaluations

ISNetworld’s audit and evaluation tools help increase transparency and improve the efficiency of the evaluation process for Hiring Clients and contractors. When an audit or evaluation is conducted by a Hiring Client or third party auditor, sharing the findings and ensuring a timely response is critical. That’s why ISNetworld has unique features for helping ensure that findings, action items and other relevant information are shared clearly and efficiently.

Audit Report

  • Enables Hiring Clients to have more efficient and transparent communication with their contractors regarding audit findings
  • Ability for contractors to share audit results amongst ISN Hiring Clients, reducing audit fatigue

Evaluation Report

  • Hiring Clients can track evaluations on their contractors’ on-site performance, assign action items, set due dates and much more
  • Facilitates increased communications between contractors and Hiring Client employees

Action Item Tracker

  • Allows Hiring Clients to manage action items that have been assigned to their contractors, with features that allow them to set due dates, receive status changes and close action items that have been resolved
  • Simplifies the communication flow by capturing necessary items, such as images and documents, for incident investigations or job site analyses

Acknowledgement Form

  • Streamlines the process of confirming that contractors have received specific information from Hiring Clients, such as driving policies or site-specific policies, through electronic acknowledgements or uploaded forms

Tools are available via the ISN mobile site and ISN app.

Audits & Evaluations in Numbers

9,400+Audits entered by Hiring Clients or Third Party Auditors
215,000+Evaluation Reports entered by Hiring Clients
65,000+Action Items assigned
370,000+Acknowledgements tracked
“A shared audit protocol among the various pipeline and midstream operators facilitates a consistency among the various auditors performing the audits. This helps the contractors focus on the elements of their EHS programs that are seen by their core customers as relevant to managing their contractor related risks.”
Spectra Energy
“The shared audit protocol developed within ISN is an excellent tool for our team to utilize when conducting field audits with contractors. It helps us assess whether or not policy is put into practice by a contractor.”
Kinder Morgan
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