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Compliance & Training

ISN’s Compliance and Training tools help Hiring Clients ensure that contractor employees have the competencies, training and qualifications required to perform their specified job duties.

Collect and Review

Hiring Clients request contractors to submit specific compliance and training documentation through their ISNetworld account and then evaluate the qualifications - including skills, knowledge and training - for employees coming on-site. Contractors can also better demonstrate and provide proper evidence of their employees’ training and qualifications through the tools available to them in ISNetworld.

ISN’s Compliance and Training Tools

ISN provides this critical service to facilitate transparency and compliance during the pre-qualification and on-going contractor-management processes. Subscribers to ISNetworld have access to the following tools:
  1. Online Training Tool

    • Allows Hiring Clients to deliver and track SCORM compliant trainings and site orientations online
    • Features include a variety of interactive formats, quizzes to evaluate comprehension of materials, daily summary notifications and Certificates of Training Completion available for print
  2. Operator Qualifications (OQ) (US)

    • Employee-level training required of workers performing pipeline covered tasks as defined by the United States Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA)
    • Provides Hiring Clients a level of assurance regarding the employees that come on-site – training results are sent by third-party data providers and consolidated in ISNetworld to match Hiring Client specific task lists and qualification methods
  3. Training Qualifications (TQ)

    • Tracks employee-level trainings based on Hiring Client requirements gathered through logged trainings, documents or certificates and can be customized for specific job roles
    • Enables Hiring Clients to easily view employee training requirements, compliance, renewals and any deficiencies
  4. QuickCheck

    • Offers ad-hoc checks of contractor employees’ compliance statuses, which can include multiple components such as Operator Qualifications, Training Qualifications, drug & alcohol information and company-level data
    • Provides additional assurance that compliant employees are proceeding on-site
  5. ISN-ID Card Scanning and Check-in/Check-out

    • ISN-ID cards can be scanned to confirm employee-level compliance status based on Hiring Client requirements
    • Scanning via the ISN app, ISN mobile site or a scanning station can be completed at key points-of-entry to help ensure fully compliant employees proceed on-site and can be used to track attendance
  6. Training Manager

    • Allows contractors to manage and track in-house training and specific training requirements for their employees
    • Streamlines training management using a configurable database with various reports to review and analyze training data
Training can be captured via ISNetworld, ISN mobile site or the ISN app

Compliance & Training in Numbers

13,000,000+Training Qualifications
45,000,000+OQ Reports
506,000+Online Training Tool trainings completed
160+Hiring Clients using QuickCheck
“The Online Training Tool has streamlined our training, delivered consistency and added a level of accountability to help provide Conagra with qualified workers not previously seen from our contractor base.”
Conagra Brands, Inc.
“By implementing both the Online Training Tool and Badging Process, we were able to introduce a simpler tracking process while adding checks and balances that helped ensure all contractor and subcontractor employees on-site had completed our site-safety orientation, saving J&J and our contractors’ time and money.”
J&J Consumer Products
“The success of the program is largely attributed to Fieldwood Energy’s overall commitment to the safety of all personnel on our facilities. The Management of Fieldwood Energy fully supports this program and we are seeing tremendous benefit and improvement in our safety performance. This program is an integral part of our Safety and Environmental Management System.”
Fieldwood Energy
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