2015 Presentations

Session Title Speaker(s)
Characterizing Toxicity and Risks of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Additives Andrew Pawlisz,
Hydraulic Fracturing Claims of Injury – A Toxicologst's Perspective Andrew Pawlisz,
Migratory Bird Treat Act: Past, Present, and Future Austin Hill
Overview of a Strategy to Exempt Multiple Process Heaters from the “Boiler MACT” at a Large Oil and Gas Processing Facility Barry Andrews, P.E.
Advances in Hydrocarbon Remediation Technology and Water Treatment Ben Lee
Secondary Containment Regulations and Best Management Practices for Surface Spills Beth Powell
A Portfolio Approach to Managing and Submitting Oil & Gas Air Permit Authorizations Bryan Osborne
Fundamentals of Risk Management from an Environmental Perspective Cassandra M Dillon,
Environmental Leadership & Engagement Dr. Wes Scott
Monitoring and Remediation in Shale energy plays Zacariah Hildenbrand, Ph.D.
Tank Emission Tracking Tools: A Comparative Analysis Gary Vegh
World-Class EH&S Data Management and Planning: A Material and Facility Modelling Methodology Gary Vegh
Envrionmental Due Diligence for Oil and Gas Transactions Gene Murray
NSPS OOOOa and Other Oil and Gas Regulatory Updates Georgette Reeves
Transparency and GHG Reporting: Welcome to the Fishbowl Georgette Reeves
Oil & Gas NORM/Tenorm: Field Applications Geri Blanchard
EPA’s Ongoing Enforcement Initiative and the Next Generation Compliance Program Jaron Hill
Prevention vs. Reaction The Importance of Asset Integrity Jay Beckel
Understanding the Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Hazardous Waste Definition Exemption Jeff R. Bowman,
Best Practices for Vapor Recovery Systems to Reduce Venting and Flaring Jeff Voorhis P.E. EMS-LA
Remedy Selection for Solid Drilling Waste Jeffrey Tyson, P.E., M.ASCE
Texas and EPA Self Audit Privileges (18) Jess A McAngus
Texas and EPA Self Audit Privileges (51 slides) Jess A. McAngus &
Joseph F. Guida
Environmental Due Diligence for New Oil and Gas Pipelines Keith Bradley, REP, CWB
When the EPA Comes a Knocking Michael R. Goldman
Typical Claims and Key Defenses in Recent Hydraulic Fracturing Litigation Michael R. Goldman
Best Management Practices (BMPs) to Achieve USACE Regulatory Compliance and Control Stormwater Runoff into Ephemeral Streams of the Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas Misti Johnson, CESSWI &
Enhancing Sustainability in the Construction of Surface Transportation Infrastructure for the Oil and Gas Industry P. Rodger Keller, P.E.
GHG Reporting Rule Changes for RY 2016: A Streamlined Plan for Midstream Compliance Phil Roberts
Optimizing Environmental Permitting Utilizing Readily Available Datasets Richard Fontenot
Noise from Oil & Gas Facilities -- “Acoustics 101” and Best Practices for Noise Control Rob Stevens
Looking Through the Haze: EPA's New Methane Regulations Sarah K. Walls
Water, Water Everywhere? EPA and Army Corps Publish New Clean Water Rule Sarah K. Walls
Planning for Success: How to Build a Compliance System for Your EHS Sarah Sajedi
Compliance Challenges in Meeting 1-Hour Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) NAAQS Sube Vel, P.E.
Overview of TCEQ Efforts to Evaluate Compliance with Regulatory Requirements Related to Oil & Gas Activities in Texas Susan Jablonski, P.E.
The Direction of LDAR Tanya Jackson
Anatomy of Environmental Enforcement Actions: Administrative, Civil, and Criminal Don Shandy
Incident Management - Cause Stuff Happens! John Ericksen
Exploration, Production and Environmental Quality Becky Keogh