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ISNetworld Services

Analytics & Reporting

ISN is committed to helping Hiring Clients and contractors become more efficient and exceed workplace health and safety standards. This is why we provide publications and metrics, such as statistical analyses and benchmarking reports, that share best practices and allow ISNetworld subscribers to gauge their performance relative to their peers.

Health and Safety Benchmarking Reports

With billions of work hours of activity reported through ISNetworld each year, we regularly create reports so customers can learn from the collective experience of our subscribers. These reports summarize contractor performance by ISN work type, North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) code and Canadian Provincial Workers Compensation Board codes and the performance of Hiring Clients’ contractors.

Contractors use ISN’s benchmarking reports to measure their health and safety performance relative to key performance indicators (KPIs), including:
  • Incident Rates
  • Lost Time Rates
  • Fatality Rate per 100,000 Employees
  • Total Number of Fatalities
  • Incident Severity
Hiring Clients can leverage this data to help establish objective baselines for contractor performance targets and evaluate their contractor selection and management strategies. Please visit our Publications page to request copies of our Health and Safety Benchmarking Reports.

Insurance Benchmarking Report

The Insurance Benchmarking Report consolidates the insurance requirements for more than 110 Hiring Clients across four Oil & Gas industry groups and nearly 20,000 contractors. ISN creates these reports to highlight trends within the industry and allow Hiring Clients in the Oil & Gas industry to compare how their requirements align with peers. Please visit our Publications page to request copies of our Insurance Benchmarking Reports.

Metrics and Statistical Analyses

Our team of statistical experts analyze, benchmark and interpret the vast amount of data gathered via ISNetworld. Our goal is to help our customers achieve their goals backed by data-driven evidence.

Metrics Report meetings are offered annually to our Hiring Clients to provide customized reports on overall account statuses, including consolidated contractor information, grading and statistical analyses. Our Hiring Clients use this information to make informed decisions about their contractor-management processes and report critical updates to senior leadership.

Industry Analysis

By identifying industry-specific statistical trends, Hiring Clients are able to have deeper discussions on best practices and contractor-management insights at Industry Roundtables.

Data Validation

Statistical approaches and corresponding processes are incorporated to identify data anomalies from self-reporting contractors, resulting in trusted reporting and analyses for Hiring Clients.

Third-Party Data Integration

ISNetworld includes data comparison to various governmental agencies, such as the United States’ Bureau of Labor Statistics and Occupational Safety and Health Administration and provincial Occupational Health & Safety and Workers Compensation Boards in Canada to allow for a broader context and understanding of contractors’ performance.

Reporting for Hiring Clients

ISNetworld offers reporting tools that allow Hiring Clients to pull and analyze data at any time. Whether you need to review information in-depth or want a high-level snapshot overview, our reporting tools allow the flexibility for both.
  1. My Dashboard
    • Summary feature that allows users to view various data points for contractors in graph format
    • Configurable at the user level to provide relevant and easy to read information specific to users’ roles and interests
  2. Custom Report
    • A reporting tool that allows you to pull a variety of data points on your contractors into a comprehensive, exportable report
    • Offers the flexibility of selecting one or many data points on a small or large group of contractors
  3. Additional Reporting Features
    • Various reports available embedded within ISNetworld tools and features
    • In many cases, data is exportable for ease of extraction and manipulation
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