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ISNetworld Services

Health, Safety, Environmental & Quality

ISN’s Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (HSEQ) Review and Verification Services (RAVS) Team facilitates the collection of relevant documents during the contractor pre-qualification process to assist in evaluating workplace and environmental safety compliance. Once these documents are collected in ISNetworld, our experienced team of subject-matter experts reviews them against Hiring Client and/or industry standards.

Collect and Review

Hiring Clients request contractors to submit specific pre-qualification information through their ISNetworld account for review by the Hiring Client and/or ISN’s team of experts, including:
  • Management System Questionnaires
  • Injury & Illness Records
  • Written Programs
  • Citations/Prosecutions/Enforcements
  • Non-Conformance Reporting
  • Certificates of Recognition or Authorization

Benefits of ISN’s Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Services

ISN provides an extra level of due diligence and transparency during pre-qualification and on-going monitoring processes. In what other ways are ISN’s HSEQ tools helpful?
  1. SmartLog – Ability to easily track, generate, export and print injury and illness logs and summaries at any time
  2. Site Tracker – Allows Hiring Clients to track contractor work hours, incidents, near misses or other site-specific information on a monthly basis
  3. Written Program Review – ISN’s team of experts review written health, safety, environmental and quality programs to help ensure they meet Hiring Client and/or regulatory standards
  4. Ongoing Compliance – ISNetworld proactively sends alerts regarding status and revalidation of written programs every three years

RAVS Plus®

RAVS Plus, an additional step in the due diligence process, is an interview and documentation review that is designed to provide evidence that contractors have implemented their written health, safety and environmental programs throughout their organization. RAVS Plus aims to bridge the gap between the RAVS Written Program review and a potential on-site audit or inspection by a Hiring Client. To learn more about RAVS Plus, view our “Introducing RAVS Plus” video.

Common Issues in RAVS Plus Interviews
  1. Benzene Awareness
    • Chemical characteristics and health effects; specifically, where a company may not be working directly with Benzene but may still face exposure
  2. Ladder Safety
    • Proper ratio/angle to place an extension ladder and how far extension ladders must extend past an elevated surface
  3. Noise Exposure / Hearing Conservation
    • Importance of conducting Audiograms and maintaining the results
    • The decibel level at which hearing protection is required

Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality RAVS by the Numbers

500+Hiring Clients Require Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Reviews
57,000+Contractors reviewed through RAVS
520,000+Written Programs Reviewed in 2016
1,700+Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Protocols
1,000+Combined Years of HSEQ experience on ISN’s Team

RAVS Plus by the Numbers

110+Participating Hiring Clients
1,500+Participating Contractors
850+Interviews Completed
160,000+Document Requirements Reviewed
S2W Contracting, LLC Shares How Tools Within ISNetworld Have Helped Develop Reputable Safety Statistics
Offshore Oil Services Inc. Believes ISNetworld Is A Valuable Tool That Allows Them To Stay Compliant
Total Lubrication Management Company Believes Tools Accessible In ISNetworld Help Their Company Stay Compliant
“There has been significant benefit in using the Review and Verification Services (RAVS). This has helped us implement better policies and procedures, for areas within our business which were previously not addressed to such a high standard.”
KAEFER Integrated Services Pty. Ltd
“ISN took our safety program to a higher level by assisting us with lowering our total recordable frequency (TRF) from 12.66 in 2012 to 0 in 2015.”
DMT Mechanical Ltd.
“Working together, we were able to correct oversights, revamp our Health and Safety Policy and Procedures Manual and create an overall safer environment for employees and customers.”
The Cope Company Salt
“ISN has developed a great platform for our procurement and safety professionals to work together. We now have the ability to have a one-stop shop in order to gather and manage our safety statistics.”
Kinder Morgan
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