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ISNetworld Services

Insurance & Procurement

ISN’s Procurement Review and Verification Services (RAVS) Team collects and reviews documents that are gathered in the contractor pre-qualification process. Our team of experts reviews these documents to help ensure they meet Hiring Client and/or industry standards.


ISNetworld collects and stores documentation and information needed in the contractor pre-qualification process in one central location, including:
  • Access to over 65,000 contractors
  • Searchable database by work location, work type and pre-qualification criteria
  • Master Service Agreements
  • Job Bids
  • Hiring Client Specific Documents and Acknowledgements

Review and Verify

Hiring Clients request contractors to submit pre-qualification documents into ISNetworld to be reviewed by ISN’s team of experts, including:
  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation Experience Modifier (US)
  • Workers’ Compensation Clearance Account Status (Canada)
  • Workers’ Compensation Rate Statements (Australia & Canada)
  • Companies House/Business Registration (United Kingdom)
  • Supplier Diversity Certificates
**Based on data from 161 Hiring Client insurance requirement profiles activated in ISNetworld in 2015


Benefits of ISN’s Insurance & Procurement Review Services

ISN provides greater transparency and enhances the insurance collection and review process for Hiring Clients and contractors. Each party is aware of requirements and gaps. How else does ISN assist in the standard procurement and supply chain processes?
  1. Configurable Insurance Requirements - clearly communicate Hiring Client requirements to contractors
  2. Comprehensive Insurance Document Review - documentation reviewed against Hiring Client-specific requirements
  3. Ongoing Compliance - proactive reminders on expiring insurance policies, clear communication on review results and a team of insurance professionals with nearly 400 years of experience
  4. Agent/Broker Tool - allows insurance agents and brokers to submit insurance documents on behalf of contractors at no additional cost
  5. Document Management - unlimited collection and storage of additional documents, such as Master Service Agreements, Acknowledgements or other Hiring Client-specific documentation

Procurement RAVS by the Numbers

400+Hiring Clients require insurance
15Countries where Hiring Clients require insurance
555,000+Insurance Reviews in 2016
5,000+Registered Agents/Brokers
150+Unique Insurance Coverages Reviewed
“Through one process, we are able to upload our information, gain critical customer feedback from the Review and Verification Services (RAVS) team, submit our insurance requirements through the Agent/Broker tool, and remain connected to future requirements.”
Optimal Field Services, LLC
“One of the tools we love is the Agent/Broker Tool. It has saved us multiple hours of communication with our insurance agent, which makes the turnaround much faster for getting documents back to the customer.”
Riddleberger Brothers, Inc.
“ISNetworld provides a quick and reliable platform for our clients to access the required HSE programs, training records, insurance documents and additional audit information. Most importantly, should a gap be identified by ISN’s team, they work quickly and tirelessly to assist us with getting into compliance.”
Mapp Construction LLC
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